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      Coming Tue Apr 19 2022 

Come join us* Tue April 19th to celebrate 1st Responders.
Special $5/pp tickets** for any Corrections, Dispatch, EMS / EMT, Fire, Police, Military, First Responders and your guest!
Click on Event Flyer below for more info. or visit Event listing.
* due to limited seating ALL GUESTS MUST BE PRE-PAID, NO WALK UPS will be allowed.
** due to Campaign Finance and other Laws concerning our MICD12GOP Committee, we have to charge this nominal fee rather than allow you to come for free. Badge/ID will be required at check-in.
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MI12CDGOP May 22, 2021 Meeting

MICD12GOP we "Back The Blue"


Michigan's 12th Congressional District Republican Committee May meeting: adopted two additional Resolutions. One being a "Back The Blue" In Support Of Area Law Enforcement Resolution (outlined below).  

Resolution of the Executive Committee and Officers of
Michigan’s 12th Congressional District Republican Party

Passed On 22 May 2021



WHEREAS every community requires law and order to succeed and thrive, and


WHEREAS the police force is a community’s primary “law” in the necessary “law and order”, and


WHEREAS a person’s right to bear arms to protect self and family is a necessity, but it is insufficient, as it still requires the assistance of the police to continue enforcing law and order, and


WHEREAS the police force often works nights, weekends and holidays when most of the community is at home with family, and


WHEREAS the Law Enforcement profession is a difficult profession, whether at the local, county, or state level, with pay not commensurate to the danger involved, and


WHEREAS a community’s police force is often put in harm’s way, and


WHEREAS the police must, at times, make a split-second decision with possible no-win and/or life-threatening consequences, and


WHEREAS necessary split-second decisions by a police officer can have lifelong emotional/mental/physical consequences on said police officer, and


WHEREAS a community relies on its police at home, on the road (accident or a crime), at school, place of employment, etc, and


WHEREAS  Wayne County and Washtenaw County Law Enforcement officials have consistently encouraged county residents to take CPL classes (which teach gun usage, practice, and safety) and purchase firearms for personal (& family) protection, and


WHEREAS a community often seems to take for granted, but should be thankful for the dedication of its police force.


THEREFORE IT IS RESOLVED that Michigan’s 12th Congressional District Republican Committee expresses its utmost appreciation and gratitude for our dedicated police force; City, County, and State.


Approved by the Michigan’s 12th District Executive Committee by a majority vote on 22 May 2021

                                                                      Michael Strother

                               Chairman, Michigan’s 12th Congressional District Republican Committee

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